7 Ways to Start Your Day Right : Morning Routine 

How you wake up can influence the rest of your day. With that in mind, creating a morning routine is the perfect option to plan and get started in a healthy, non-rushed way. In addition to common consensus habits, there are a few options you can incorporate and transform at the start of your day.

Scheduling the night before is the first step to making your routine more practical and agile, without wasting sleep time or ending up late for work or commitment. So, check out the top tips to create an ideal plan for your mornings.

1 – Set the best time to wake up

Especially on cold and rainy days, waking up can be a very difficult task. To make it more natural and peaceful, it is always important to ensure a good night’s sleep. However, the way you choose to wake up can set your mood for the rest of the day. To do this, follow the tips below:

  • The first step is to program your watch to always ring at the same time;
  • Set a time that you can wake up without rushing or fear of being late. That way, you have enough time to do your morning routine without rushing;
  • Choose a ringtone or music for the alarm clock that is not too loud and agitated, allowing you to wake up with peace of mind;
  • Do not abuse the “snooze” button on your cell phone. Set a limit on the times you can snooze the alarm, so you don’t miss the time.

Another idea to choose the best time to wake up is to have the help of apps that track your sleep and define the right time to wake up according to the time you went to sleep.


2 – Avoid looking at your cell phone before getting up

A common craze is, as soon as the alarm goes off, pick up your cell phone and open all social networks before getting up. This habit, in addition to contributing to delays, can cause anxiety.

By opening emails and messages as soon as you wake up, you start thinking about all the tasks of the day and end up speeding up thinking. However, early, the ideal is to wake up the brain little by little, avoiding the stress that accompany you for rest of the day. So, put your social networks up to date later.

3 – Make the bed

After getting up, the first task you should be concerned about is making your bed. This prevents you from being drawn to lie down again. In addition, the habit creates a feeling of organized environment that serves as an incentive to start the day well.

4 – Prepare a healthy and energetic breakfast

Nothing better than starting the day with a delicious dish. Breakfast is considered most important meal of day by many experts. Therefore, it is recommended to perfect and invest in light, healthy foods that ensure energy for your awakening.

Some alternatives to drink are coffee, tea, lemon water and juices. Meanwhile, to eat, you can invest in eggs, toast and fruit. In order to make the routine more practical and quick, you can separate the ingredients or start preparing your breakfast before going to sleep.

5 – Have your clothes predefined the night before

As with coffee, an interesting tip is to separate the clothes you will use the day before. This way, you avoid constantly changing pieces in order to find the perfect look, saving time in the mornings. For this, remember to check the weather forecast and test some options before setting your favourite.

6 – Consider meditating or exercising

A very good habit of incorporating into your morning routine is to meditate, either on your own or help of guided meditation app. This is a step that helps you to de-stress and start the day with a calm mind.

For daytime people, an option is also to exercise before going to work. Physical activities in the morning help you to wake up and have more energy for the next few hours. Gym, running, yoga or a stretch: whatever you choose, moving your body is always a good option.

7 – Create a morning routine that also works on weekends

To keep your morning habit always working, it’s important that it also works for the weekends. Always waking up at same time, for example, is a good tip to keep your sleep regulated. Make small changes, but keep schedules, meals and customs as you do during the week.

With a morning routine tailored to your habits, you will have more productive and restful days. With that, be sure to share what are your favourite tips to start the day right!

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