9 best tips on how to study for the entrance exam alone

It isn’t sufficient to have decent information regarding the matters to get to a school. It is important to have arranging, commitment and concentration. If you are thinking about studying for the entrance exam yourself, know that the walk will not be easy, requiring double doses of effort. Fortunately, it is feasible to accomplish the ideal objective as long as you have determination, discipline, and beat issues. Many college entrance exams let themselves be carried away by tiredness, discouragement generated by the high competition in the selection process, learning difficulties in some subjects and even daily distractions that they cannot control. Therefore, it is natural that they arrive unmotivated and without the confidence to take the test, which tends to influence performance and final classification.

Overcoming all these obstacles is the foolproof recipe for achieving the desired performance in the entrance exam without paying the monthly fees and fixed routines of preparatory courses. To help those who want to get to college, we’ve prepared this post. In it, we will present nine actions to study correctly and assimilate the content of the subjects in the best way possible. Check out!

Have a place reserved for the study

Leaving books, workbooks, notebooks, and other study sources around the house is a sign of lack of organization and difficulty maintaining focus. With this posture, you’ll waste precious time finding the materials you need, and you’ll be irritated unnecessarily. The disorganization of the space hinders concentration and generates mental wear.

An exciting strategy to avoid this problem is to reserve a specific place to carry out your studies. It should contain all the resources used to carry out the proper preparation. Ideally, this space should be located in a quiet and quiet area, away from distractions and disturbances, where there are no televisions and other devices that can cause dispersion.

If you are going to turn on any electronic device (tablet, cell phone or desktop), do so only intending to help your learning, such as searching search portals, watching video classes, summarizing the contents, or solving simulations. Otherwise, you will lose concentration and fail to make good use of the time available for preparation.

Do as many exercises per subject.

Recording what educators uncover in the study hall and, at home, perusing the data written in the scratch pad and the data that is remembered for the freebees are fundamental measures for the understudy who should be ready to take the placement test. Regardless of this, it is vital for give uncommon consideration to the activities for each subject, as they will assist with fixing the substance.

By practising what you have seen in theory, you will identify your strengths and see your difficulties in assimilating the content. This measure will guide you to have a more focused study on the segments of the disciplines in which performance needs to be improved, which will make you optimize your time, spending it on the study of what you need.

In addition, the resolution of exercises works as a type of training for the day of the entrance exam. It is widespread that entrance exams cannot resolve all the questions in the exam within the stipulated time for this. By doing as many exercises as possible, the student will take the time to complete the test and become more agile and complete the resolutions on time.

Draw up a summary of stories

An option generally utilized by applicants is to sum up the primary points shrouded in each discipline. This strategy helps the entrance exam assimilate the contents studied and memorize specific terms since, to prepare the synthesis, they must, before anything else, understand the subject they are going to summarize.

In the last stretch of the groundwork for the selection test, preparing summaries significantly contributes so that the candidate can have more security when remembering subjects that have a chance of falling on the exam. When done well, the summaries act as accurate reminders of essential content, preventing students from returning to books and handouts.

The recommendation is to start preparing the content summaries at the beginning of the year or preparation. This will give you more time and peace of mind to select information with a high degree of relevance. If you leave this action until the last minute, you risk not synthesizing all the essential information, which can interfere with your performance.

Have a targeted plan for the newsroom

Envision that you ace a few subjects without any difficulty and have not many challenges in subjects considered troublesome. Therefore, you are very confident in passing the entrance exam for the college of your dreams. Undeniably, your situation would be pretty advantageous and exciting for most competitors for the vacancy you want to win.

However, if you act in the hypothesized scenario, you will not adequately prepare for the essay. Never make this mistake, as it can take away all your chances of getting into university. Therefore, it is essential that you set aside a period to be well informed about the most relevant topics of the moment and try to write at least one essay a week.

In general, the writing has a considerable weight in the selection processes for admission to higher education, making up an expressive amount of the total value of the final grade. In this way, guaranteeing a good grade in the text production can be the differential of the candidate who, if he already has satisfactory performance in the subjects, has the chance to guarantee his place.

To get a satisfactory grade in the essay, some actions are recommended. In addition to being aware of current events and frequently training in textual production, the college entrance exam must take questions from teachers and friends about any errors made in the text and studies grammar rules and textual genres. In this way, you will be prepared to prepare an excellent essay.

Make a study schedule.

Studying your favourite subjects is easy. The most serious difficulty is to have the motivation and satisfactory involvement with subjects that require more dedication or which the candidate does not like. An efficient alternative is make a study schedule to present the ideal balance and dose study time according to the number of subjects.

The study schedule is important because it provides the necessary organization of the time allocated to studies and contributes to the college entrance examination to establish the required concentration and focus while remaining disciplined. It is a tool that directs the candidate’s activities, making the ability to make the most of the time available to study.

This measure must consider the weight of the subjects in the entrance exam and the candidate’s level of knowledge in each one of them. Thus, allow more time for the subjects you have more difficulties with, dosing the schedule divisions according to your learning needs. This will help eliminate doubts and improve preparation.

The best thing is to prepare a weekly calendar with the days and times dedicated to studying subjects and resting time. The calendar must be strictly followed, and it should be changed or temporarily suspended only in extreme situations in which there is no other solution. Frequent changes in the study routine deconcentrate and delay the progress of the university’s future.

However, the schedule will only work if you manage and optimize your time. And there are techniques for that. One of them is the GTD method — the acronym in English of Getting Things Done — whose assumption is that achieving better results depends on maintaining the tranquillity and control to carry out activities. Its application occurs in capture, clarification, organization, reflection and engagement related to tasks.

Another effective technique is the Pomodoro method — tomato in Italian. Its basis is the segmentation of activity flows into 25-minute time intervals, called Pomodoro. The functioning of the technique covers the phases of listing, timing, uninterrupted work, 25-minute break, resume, 30-minute break and task completion.

The Kanban method is also efficient. Its foundation is the use of visual references in association with the elaboration and completion of activities. The procedures of this method encompass the grouping of tasks in a frame organized in lists. Manually or using software, each task must be written on a card and transferred as modified.

Use other sources for learning.

You can rely on amazing review materials given by your school. All things considered, search for alternate ways of absorbing the substance productively. This is on the grounds that the variety in sources will in general add to mental incitement, as the competitor is confronted with different types of information association. Also, with the utilization of the web, this is a lot more straightforward to be finished.

Through the worldwide web, you can buy books and workbooks, as well as do exercises online. Many websites provide free and quality materials. Groups created on social networks to exchange study sources, clarify doubts, and share relevant information about the entrance exam are common.

The more information available to you, the greater the chances of achieving the desired performance in the entrance exam. In addition, you will have more alternatives to improve learning and get a good grade on the test. Learning never hurts, so it’s worth paying attention to different sources of study. However, be careful to recognize and only use suitable materials.

Take breaks during the study.

Elaborating and following a study schedule and keeping the focus on learning are actions that help the entrance exam assimilate the content of the subjects and, as a result, have excellent chances of being successful in the selection process. But it is not enough to study with discipline and concentration: it is necessary to rest the brain.

Spending hours doing exercises or reading material summaries can cause great weariness if you don’t take breaks. This is because the continuous mental effort can have the opposite effect of what is intended, overloading the brain, which can no longer process what it reads. Considering this situation, I prefer a preparation focused on quality, as this makes it easier to study the topics of each discipline.

You can, for example, stipulate a 10-minute break every hour of study. At this point, you must leave your mind blank without connecting to the internet, reading other materials or doing some other activity that requires some mental effort. This break should be done at your own pace, respecting the limitations of your mind and body.

Dedicate time to social life

Its an obvious fact that getting ready for the selection test requires a great deal of commitment and exertion, a condition that requires discipline, notwithstanding the up-and-comer’s a long stretch of time of study. This implies that we are not generally accessible for relaxation time, as we wound up focusing on the accomplishment of our level headed, which is to enter school.

Future university students need to dedicate themselves to passing the entrance exam and then starting their higher education course. Still, they should not do this by setting aside their social life. That’s because practising hobbies, going out with friends, talking with family and doing leisure activities are actions that generate pleasure for the university entrance exam and help them to have the breath to continue their studies properly.

Thus, it is essential that you set aside some of your time to enjoy life with your friends and family, organization possible with the preparation of a good study schedule. Being in good company is good for self-esteem, which contributes to a quality study. These are times when you can relax, releasing tension and letting go of worry.

Sometimes you can take advantage of leisure time to learn without suffering the pressure of studying. In others words, in certain situations, you can even combine business with pleasure. Want to know how? Suddenly, it is possible to watch a film about a subject charged on the essay test or see documentaries on historical themes.

Take good care of your health.

Practicing the body, having a decent eating regimen and resting soundly are perspectives that keep the psyche working effectively. Along these lines, you should eat appropriately and practice routinely. It is fundamental to eat nutritious food like clockwork. For instance, playing a game, going to the rec center or running, for instance, are magnificent kinds of actual exercise. 

It resembles the renowned saying goes: solid body, sound psyche. Being healthy is crucial for keep on track and have a decent learning experience. Any other way, you will burn through your time to no end, decreasing your odds of getting into school. It’s anything but a straightforward and simple assignment, yet presently you realize how to read for the selection test without anyone else.

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