Some Easy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Routine

The alarm was delayed. Missed the bus. Are you late for work? 

The rush of everyday life can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, contrary to what many people believe, is not a difficult task nor a privilege for a few. 

We know that the tribulations of everyday life make time an increasingly rare commodity and, that’s why we have selected five easy tips for you to put into practice and transform your routine.

1. Stretch out!

Play sports, exercise regularly and keep moving. You are tired of knowing the importance of all these practices. However, many people spend most of the day in their work environments and if you are one of those people, balancing physical activities with your schedule seems impossible.

Well, know that exercising in small doses already positively affects the functioning of your body. Take a few minutes before starting your tasks to stretch and, during work, take short breaks to wake up your body: raise your arms, move your neck, yawn heartily! Any stimulus, no matter how small, is already a beneficial action for your health.

2. Water, water and more water

 If the importance of staying well hydrated weren’t present here, you might be suspicious of the credibility of this list.

Drinking of water throughout the day will improve your mood and bring numerous benefits. Always have a full bottle on your desk or near you and feel the difference after putting this tip into practice.

3. Eat, but eating quality

Another recurring subject when we talk about healthy habits is the daily consumption of good foods. A balanced and nutritionally diverse diet makes up for your body’s dietary needs and helps prevent disease.

Schedule your menu for the week on Sunday. If you don’t have time to cook every day, prepare your food in advance and distribute it in different containers to carry in your backpack. Include a variety of nutrients in your lunchboxes, such as salads, proteins, carbohydrates and fruits.

If your company offers a corporate meal service, make the most of this benefit. Companies in this segment, such as Apetit, tend to value food quality and offer balanced dishes that help maintain a healthier lifestyle.


4. Be good in bed: sleep well


There is no universal standard, that old rule of sleeping at least eight hours a night doesn’t apply to everyone. Some will need more or less rest, and it’s up to you to find your ideal rest time. 

Some suggestions, however, should be considered if you want to have a better quality of sleep. Among them: do not eat fatty foods before bedtime, avoid going to bed too late if the following day you will have to wake up early and make use of comfortable mattresses and pillows.

Otherwise, allow yourself to wake up late on weekends and take advantage of that little post-lunch time to take a nap. 

4. Focus on the most critical person in your life: you

 At the end of the day, after work, have some time to yourself. Do something you enjoy and let go of your worries. Read a good book, watch your favourite series or listen to your music at total volume!

Connect with yourself and enjoy the company of people who matter to you—doing something that makes you happy releases endorphins, an important hormone that provides a feeling of well-being and alleviates symptoms of stress and anxiety in the body.

Any change takes time. Feel the impact these actions will have on your life. Every effort to improve oneself generates valuable results that last indefinitely.

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